Economic breakdown a la SDA: From criminal privatization to vegetative state

SDA has been the ruling party in FBiH since 1990. After the war, people expected progress in every field, a better life and employment rates growth. However, everything has been taking place at the sl

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Where did our heroes in white go?

Where I come from, medical doctor is a highly esteemed profession. Doctors used to receive a great deal of gratitude for what they do. Can anything be more humane than saving lives?

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Is there any relation between 'Markota case' and family ties of Dragan Covic?

The advisor of the member of Presidency BiH, Dragan Covic, kidnapped and beaten up Mario Markota in order to scare him off and force him to keep silent about giving bribery for employment in one of th

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Is the state strong enough to confront fascism at football stadiums?

Final cup game played a few days ago at the stadium 'Pecara' between Siroki Brijeg and Sarajevo will, undoubtedly, enter the history of BH football as one of the most scandalous ever.

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DF requested the government to dismiss directors of public companies operating at a loss

Delegates of Democratic Front requested at yesterday's parliament session that federal government dismisses directors of all public companies which operate at a loss.

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Where will 70 million KM from OdRaz end up?

By the week's end, BH federal government will have decided who gets to 'inherit' the revolving fund of the former government's foundation for sustainable development (ODRAZ), which is expected to have

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Politically effective revisionism

Whole worlds knows that, what happened in Bleiburg was a crime, as there was no trial and killings were massive. However, if one glimpsed the first row at the commemoration, where Dragan Covic sat wit

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Mektic is blocking appointment of Department of complaints: How will police agencies function

Department of complaints for police officers ceased to exist at the end of 2016 and there has been no willingness on the part of relevant authorities to form this important body, Patria writes.

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Deteriorating situation in BH Defense Ministry: Soldiers deployed without uniforms and insurance

At the time the defense reform was pronounced the most successful implemented reform in BiH, nobody could have thought that top people of the Defense Ministry and the Armed Forces (AF) could leave the

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When he can't sing in Europe, Thompson sings in Mostar

3 months after the assembly in Neum 'Croats – the bearers of European values', Mostar will see another gathering; this time it will be held in honor of the Croat prisoners in The Hague.

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