Is Covic lobbying for some old projects: Evicting the nations

The BH Presidency member and the leader of HDZ, Dragan Covic, yesterday in Mostar announced a reorganization of the state of BiH, underlining that the Croats in reorganized BiH will live on the territ

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DF and SDP BiH: The nationalist government must be toppled with the elections 2018

The HQ of the Democratic Front in Sarajevo hosted a joint meeting of SDP BiH and DF delegations led by their presidents, Nermin Niksic and Zeljko Komsic.

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Bozo Petrov is angry: The same people decided the elections in Stolac and Metkovic

Croatia saw the second round of local elections in which the citizens chose their mayors.

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The way BH government works: Because we (don't) care

It has been several months since the federal parliament adopted any reform law. Its sessions are held merely to accommodate endless debates about reports of the government's bodies.

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SDA on an unknown terrain: Decades of cultural and educational failures

SDA is a political party which has been in power since 1990. After the war, everybody expected a progress in every field, a better life for people, employment growth. Yet, the things have been moving

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Azem Vlasi: The politics that caused bloodshed is revived

The Association of Independent Intellectuals 'Circle 99' hosted yesterday Azem Vlasi, longtime prominent official of former Yugoslavia.

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SDA from Alija to Bakir: Once Bosniak strength, today burdened with internal unrest and crime

The Party of Democratic Action (Stranka demokratske akcije – SDA) will mark its 27th anniversary on 26 May 2017.

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People of Herzegovina imprisoned by the dark past

As we are nearing 8 June, the day when Mostar's stadium 'Pod Bijelim Brijegom' will host a concert organized in support of 'Herzeg-Bosnia's 6' in The Hague, reactions keep coming.

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Economic breakdown a la SDA: From criminal privatization to vegetative state

SDA has been the ruling party in FBiH since 1990. After the war, people expected progress in every field, a better life and employment rates growth. However, everything has been taking place at the sl

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Where did our heroes in white go?

Where I come from, medical doctor is a highly esteemed profession. Doctors used to receive a great deal of gratitude for what they do. Can anything be more humane than saving lives?

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