The elections of the lowest kicks

It is a shame on all the political parties and the entire political elite to start election campaign more than a year before the elections, as if they will take place tomorrow.

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What's for sale - BH Telecom or BiH

The Federal government of BiH is planning to sell BH Telecom. The move unlikely to bring cheaper phone impulses or a better quality service to the citizens of FBiH.

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He marched to Sarajevo and ended up in The Hague

The grave of the famous philosopher Baruch de Spinoza is in The Hague. In her memoirs, Carla del Ponte describes Spinoza as a philosopher who 'identified the power which moves those enormous crimes: r

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Croatian president in BiH: Lots of nice words, let's wait for a follow-up

Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic is in the middle of her two-day official visit to BiH. Following a reception and a meeting with BiH Presidency members, a media conference was held with the

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Arapovic: People with knowledge should run politics

Adis Arapovic from the Center of Civic Initiatives left the non-governmental sector to enter the politics by joining the Alliance for Better Future (SBB).

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The winners of our lost years

One national news website has pronounced Fadil Novalic, the Prime Minister of Federation BiH the 'winner of the year'.

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Who would defend Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Serbia's Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that, within the framework of the Military Technical Agreement, the second phase of MIG overhaul is well underway.

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Dacic's policy: Resolve problems by means of war

Serbia's foreign minister Ivica Dacic said that problems in the Balkans region persist and that new conflicts between the Balkans countries are possible as long as their causes exist.

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Vucic, Dodik and Ivanic – three different opinions

Every once in a while, sometimes in Banja Luka, other times in Belgrade, political leaders of Serbia and the Republika Srpska get together to express alleged unity of the Serb people, and to reaffirm

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It is up to Wigemark

Three conclusions can be drawn from the current situation relating to new taxation on fuel in BiH: the fuel will be more expensive for all BiH citizens, regardless of their ethnic and political affili

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