Religion and politics: Mutual need

Last Spring I wrote for one digital media about politicization of religion and sacralization of politics.[...]

Objavljeno : 16.10.2018 13:33:39
Vinko Puljic has stepped over the line

In the secular Bosnia and Herzegovina, the politics should be free of any religious influence. However, every day we see interference by religious leaders in political affairs.[...]

Objavljeno : 15.10.2018 21:44:59
IPCC Report: Demise of the ‘Here-Us-Now’ Civilisation

The major new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released in Korea on Oct.8, is nearly 800 pages long and includes more than 6,000 scientific references. It can be summa[...]

Objavljeno : 13.10.2018 14:24:00
The culprit of Covic's electoral loss

Dragan Covic has suffered a considerable loss in the race for the Croat member’s seat in the Presidency BiH. He lost to Zeljko Komsic who got the confidence vote by the citizens to re-enter the presid[...]

Objavljeno : 10.10.2018 12:55:15
The Franciscan Province Bosna Srebrena publicly distanced themselves from Dragan Covic

The members of the Franciscan Province Bosna Srebrena have publicly distanced themselves from Dragan Covic, the HDZ BiH's candidate for the Presidency BiH, thus denying media close to HDZ.[...]

Objavljeno : 05.10.2018 21:32:56
Croatia and Serbia directly involved in BH elections

The highest political representatives of Serbia and Croatia use every opportunity to point out that they do not interfere in internal matters of BiH, however, their actions prove them wrong.[...]

Objavljeno : 05.10.2018 12:50:12
Zeljko Komsic: 5 values to be agreed upon

The candidate for the member of the Presidency BiH, Zeljko Komsic said that there are five non-negotiable values, which he specified in his 'roadmap' incorporated in the document 'Presidential vision[...]

Objavljeno : 04.10.2018 12:36:28
Becirovic: We should abolish paradiplomatic network and strengthen the state diplomacy!

The candidate for the Presidency BiH, Denis Becirovic stated that the state diplomatic – consular network of BiH, already weakened by the existing divisions and the lack of professionalism and efficac[...]

Objavljeno : 02.10.2018 12:13:06
Komsic: No time for hesitation, we are either for BiH or against it

Some 'altruists' said that we made a mistake when we left the power in 2015, that we should not have done so.[...]

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Conference for Global Cooperation to Achieve Peace and Cessation of War

HWPL added that the summit will continue for another 2days to bring all the voices of various segments of society including women, youth, religion, and media advocating the collective efforts for peac[...]

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